Wednesday, July 1, 2009

4th of July

I am so excited about this weekend! This is our first official event as The Way Church! Granbury hosts a huge 4th of July event every year and we get to be a part of it by setting up a vendor booth. Our banners look great and we are going to pass out joke cards to the kids. We are believing for a lot of great connections this weekend in the community. I am realizing more and more that things may not always be perfect and easy when you step out and do something that God has told you to do. But I know that when we look back at our beginning steps that we will be so thankful we pressed through even when times were hard. Just because it may not be easy doesn't mean you have missed God, it just means you need to get in there and do whatever it takes to make it happen, and God will honor that! I love an adventure, it's all part of God's plan to make life more interesting!