Monday, August 31, 2009

New Life

Well, we have finally arrived in Granbury for good! It's definitely been a bittersweet move.....bitter because we left so many good people who love us and a wonderful life in Arkansas but sweet because we are on a great journey here to connect with all the people God has for us. I have felt a little (that might be an understatement) disoriented this past week not knowing what to do with myself. I didn't expect to feel so sad our first week here...... but eventually I realized that any life change is going to take some getting used to. Even though I didn't expect to feel these emotions, God told me it didn't surprise Him and He really comforted me and helped me through my little moment of sadness. I am so very excited to be here though and I'm ready to start loving people and getting out in our community to serve. I can't even begin to imagine the good things He has for us here. I am learning that even when things don't turn out like we expect at first, if we stay in a place of laying self down for the joy of loving God and serving others that we will never be disappointed. Thankfulness has been the word of the week for me. The Lord has an interesting way sometimes of exposing what's really hiding inside and He shined a light in my heart through this move and certain circumstances. Even though correction is uncomfortable I'm always better off in the end. God is forever good and kind! There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for, no matter how small and insignifigant it may seem.